Simplicity and Creativity reign in Galen Ballinger’s world.

    Originally a hired gun guitar player for a style only describable as his own, Galen is making up for lost time writing brilliant three chord songs that hang on his rich baritone and honest delivery. Poetic observations and hallucinations of the mundane and divine are delivered with the seriousness of Bill Callahan but these songs are much more melodic and their tension finds release in Scott Walker-like operatic vocals and jagged ‘skronk’ guitar outbursts.
Galen’s live performances are dynamic and captivating both solo or with his band. Verses are hushed telephone calls out of a Lynch film and improvisations become a minimalist composers soundtrack.

    Galen released his debut record “To Build Afire” at the end of 2020 on Mr. Pink Records and will be releasing two follow up albums by the end of 2022.

    He has opened for Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls), Micheal Hurley, The Black Angels, and even Bernie Sanders.

   Galen lives in Portland, Oregon.


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