GALEN BALLINGER is a songwriter, musician and artist based in Portland, Oregon. He first established himself as a hired gun guitar player, with a slew of varied bands and projects, and became sought after for his emotive, unorthodox and sometimes violent guitar playing.

Galen started performing his own compositions around 2013, under the moniker, “Lox”, blending improvisational instrumentals with original songs. By 2016, he had shed the “Lox” moniker and began playing under his own name, opting more for nylon string guitars than fuzz pedals. Writing intimate, lyrical songs, with unconventional compositions and a minimalist’s approach, Galen has unearthed the focal point of his work: his voice and lyrics.

Presented with the seriousness of Leonard Cohen, yet unafraid to inject vulnerability and humor into his songs, even if topically they may appear rather dark. With guitars, and whatever instruments might be in the room, he creates a unique world for these poetic observations and hallucinations of the mundane and divine.

In early 2020, Ballinger finished recording his debut album, “To Build Afire”, in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.

“To Build Afire” comes out December 4th, 2020 on Mr. Pink Records.